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David Haskoll Ltd was founded in 1992 at a time of upheaval in the insurance industry. A large insurer had suddenly ceased to write business, leaving many charitable and not-for-profit clients needing to arrange alternative insurance at short notice. Haskolls assisted many clients during this time to achieve secure value for money insurance, and have continued to provide this service ever since.


David Haskoll LtdToday the company is proud to provide insurance broking services to a wide range of clients including those in both the charitable/not-for-profit sector and commercial companies.

Unlike many of our competitors we are genuinely independent. We exist to work solely for our clients and have no external shareholders who might try to influence how we handle your business.

All our clients benefit from our attention to detail. Understanding your business is crucial in providing you with the most appropriate and cost effective solution to your insurance needs.

We have a commitment to working with our clients to help them understand, reduce and where possible, eliminate risk. For those risks which cannot be removed we offer high quality insurance solutions.

Our services include access to our Health Safety and HR website where clients can find comprehensive information on these important areas. This very valuable service is often provided free of charge to many of our clients and is available at modest cost to others. We help our clients demonstrate to insurers that they take risk management seriously and are rewarded with more competitive premiums.

Unlike some insurance brokers, we are not there just for the good times. If you need to make a claim we will work closely with you to ensure you are treated fairly and receive a just settlement. We will guide you through the process and have links with other professionals who can help you manage the claims process.

Many clients have benefitted from our services, so why not contact us to see how we can help you.
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