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The care sector is expanding rapidly and the provision of care now comes in a myriad of different forms, whether that be hands on or delivered remotely through on line facilities.


Each risk presents unique challenges requiring a skilful blend of traditional and more specialist covers, taking into account that many will also be not for profit organisations.


Within David Haskoll, we have almost 30 years experience working with institutions across the sector, not only as their broker and trusted advisor, but also as trustees, volunteers and advisory board members. And if you need cover beyond a simple treatment extension, we work closely with our sister company - Mediguard - who specialise in placing full medical indemnity risks. 


When combined with our expertise in the charity sector, we believe we are perfectly placed to work alongside you to protect your organisation - whether your are regulated or unregulated as a business. 

Typical homes and businesses we can arrange cover for are

  • Children's Homes

  • Care Homes for the Elderly including those specialising in Dementia Care

  • Homes for those with Learning Difficulties

  • Homes providing services for those with Mental Health Issues  

  • Secure Units

  • Drug, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Centres

  • Counselling and Therapy

  • All forms of Supportive Accommodation and Housing

  • Domiciliary and Respite Care

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