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Working for you, providing protection and support

Charities come in all shapes and sizes, and whilst many are small, the impact on their local community and their wider sphere of influence, can be far reaching. Using providers experienced in working with charities is critical in ensuring you are fully protected.


From the uniqueness of the services and support provided, to the locations worked in; from being sympathetic to the challenges faced and the need to push boundaries whilst often working to restricted budgets; from using volunteers and part time resources to deliver your services to organising one off events and fundraisers.  

All bring their own individual challenges, and matching providers to your needs is essential to ensuring you can focus on your core goals of providing quality help to those you support.


Many of our team commit their time to support local charities and we believe this makes us stand out from the crowd and perfect for the role of your trusted advisor.       

We can arrange cover for virtually any charity, including

  • Community interest companies

  • Social Enterprises

  • Rehabilitation centres

  • Those providing residential or day care

  • Animal welfare

  • Night shelters and refuge hostels

  • Food banks

  • Charities operating overseas

  • Trade bodies and clubs

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